Discretionary Investment Management Accounts

Our team of experts will invest your money based on predetermined and personalized guidelines so that you can focus on daily life.

With our discretionary investment management service, you and your wealth manager will build a strategy based on your individual goals. Our managers consider the unique personal and financial situation of each customer to craft an investment strategy that includes your investment objectives, risk tolerance, and constraints, such as distribution needs and tax burden.

Once a strategy is agreed upon, we will base all decisions on these mutually established guidelines, taking the worry off your mind and placing the day-to-day decisions into the hands of our investment management experts.

Investment Account Fee Guidelines

Please contact one of our Wealth Management professionals for more information regarding investment management fees.
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Wealth Management Department Services are: Not FDIC insured; not deposits of, and not guaranteed by the Bank or any other Federal Government Agency; investments subject to risk, including possible loss of principal. For more information, talk to your Wealth Management Advisor.