Access your accounts 24 hours a day, with Bank-by-Phone. No need to leave the home or office! With Bank-by-Phone, you can:

  • Check account balances
  • Verify withdrawals and deposits
  • Transfer funds between accounts*
  • Confirm Loan payment, interest and status information
  • Find Branch information
  • Change your ATM/Debit card pin

Want to Bank-by-Phone?

Customers who have an applicable FB&T account are automatically eligible to Bank-by-Phone. To do so, simply call 1-800-334-9956. When prompted, enter your bank account number and use the last four digits of the primary account holder’s Social Security number as your initial Bank-by-Phone pin. Once you are logged in for the first time, the service will prompt you to change your pin. Please feel free to contact us (Link to contact page) with any questions!

To Bank-by-Phone, call: 1-800-334-9956


*The Federal Reserve limits convenient monthly withdrawal transactions to 6 for accounts that are classified as Savings Accounts. There are unlimited withdrawals in-person, in-bank. Please view the Federal Reserve’s rule known as Regulation D for more information (PDF)