Agent for Trustee & Executor Services

Overwhelmed by management duties after being named as a trustee? Let one of our trust administration experts guide you, act as your agent, and carry out your instructions

The administrative duties of serving as a trustee are time-consuming and challenging. Your decision to accept appointment as a trustee, or fiduciary, is often the result of a long-standing relationship with the trust’s creator. That acceptance, however, comes with a great responsibility, including very concrete obligations to the current and future beneficiaries of the trust. As such, you must invest the trust’s assets based on establish rules all while managing records and taxes. Because of this responsibility, you can be held personally liable for any negligence associated with mismanagement of the trust.

What We Offer

By appointing First Bank & Trust’s wealth management department as your agent as trustee or executor of the estate, you will still retain fiduciary control, while we provide guidance, handle administrative duties and maintain records, and provide internal investment management services. We can also partner with your chosen outside registered investment advisor to provide custody and record keeping capabilities.

Agent for Trustee Fee Guidelines

Please contact one of our Wealth Management professionals for more information regarding our agent of trustee assistance.

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