First Bank & Trust Officers

With years of experience, our bank officers are here to serve you and our communities.


Robert R. Yohanan
Managing Director & CEO
Owen E. Beacom
Managing Director & CLO 
John R. Lynch
Managing Director & COO
Brogan M. Ptacin
Managing Director
Darrin R. Bacon
Managing Director
Commercial Banking
Karen J. Hunt
Managing Director
Commercial Banking
Kelly O'Keeffe
Managing Director
Commercial Banking
Robert J. Romano
Managing Director
Commercial Banking
Christopher P. Rudolph     
Managing Director
Commercial Banking
Randall A. Usen
Managing Director
Commercial Banking
Simon P. Yohanan
Managing Director
Commercial Banking
Joan E. Yohanan
Corporate Secretary & 
Vice President - Administration


Commercial Banking

Senior Vice Presidents
Michael A. Buchert
Praveen Chathappuram
Michael W. Corr
Michael T. Deney
Jeoffry L. Hayden
Steven P. Jamnik
Matthew J. Magnuson
Peter H. McGuire
Brian B. Mikaelian
Michael J. Murphy
Vice President
John W. Close
Assistant Vice President
Ryan Bird
Brian Bock
Karen Kohn
Administrative Officer
Nancy Gordon
Credit Administration Officer 
Amanda Viscarra


Retail Banking

Senior Vice President
Paul W. Kogol
Senior Vice President - Mortgage Banking   
Daniel Burke
Vice Presidents
Judette L. Kurasz
Shirley Calder
William R. Leske
David Putrus
Assistant Vice Presidents
Nancy Rander
Chrissandra M. White-Agee
LuAnn Stempel
Luis Viscarra
Personal Banking Officers
Alva Yerushalmi
Debbie Williams
Michael Atto
Alejandro Abraham
Irene Saucedo-Ruiz
Assistant Vice President-
Manager Mortgage Lending

Galen Tallas
Assistant Vice President - Home Equity Lending
Stephanie Murray


Wealth Management

Senior Vice Presidents                      
Andrew W. Drendel
Karen Rose
Vice President &
Chief Investment Officer
Michael H. Rose
Vice Presidents
& Trust Officers       

Charles Dickson
Trust Officers
Oralia Martinez
Trust Operations Officers
Jovan Ceprnich



Senior Vice Presidents
Edward A. Bylina
Sharlene Willoughby
Vice President
Mary Ann Bley
Vice President -
Treasury Management

Margaret M. Thordarson
Assistant Vice President -

Dennis G. Walter
Deposits Operations Officer      
Judy Putrus
Information Systems Officer
Cedric Chapman
Loan Operations Officer
Lori J. Bailey
Operations Officer
Adriana Viscarra
Treasury Management Officer
Mary Kulasic


Compliance / CRA

Vice President & BSA Officer
Lisa Hanley


Human Resources

Vice President
Maryann Penczak



Vice President & Marketing Director
Michael P. Yohanan