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Ways to Protect Your Small Business From Cyber Attacks

As a small business owner, you might think computer hackers aren’t that interested in going after you. After all, aren’t large companies like Target, Home Depot and others more worth the hackers’ time?

Surprisingly, no. According to Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, 43 percent of all cyber attacks affect small businesses, and small businesses have … Read More ›

Top 5 Advantages of Using a Community Bank

These days, it may seem like there are fewer and fewer banks to choose from, as mega corporate banks gobble up local banks and dominate the landscape.

But despite the perception that big banks are everywhere, smaller community banks are actually still thriving. In fact, according to the Independent Community Bankers of America, community banks make … Read More ›

How to Send Money Online in a Snap

For years, people have been getting more and more used to paying their bills online. But did you know that it’s just as easy to send money to family and friends electronically, too?

Many banks and companies now offer electronic payment options that let you send money to family, friends and other individuals just by entering … Read More ›

Which Banks Will Still Count My Coins?

Chase bank branches don’t count coins anymore. What now? Are we supposed to let all our change sift to the bottom of our already-disorganized bags and fish out our embarrassingly large stale granola bar collections every time we try to get a few quarters? Are we just left counting down the days until we’re forced … Read More ›

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