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Customer Profile: Ken’s Beverage

The soda fountain was first invented in the 1830s, bringing Americans the sweet, bubbly taste of carbonated drinks that they came to love.

By the 1980s, Americans were drinking about 12 oz. of soda a day, and with fast food restaurants and convenience stores growing in popularity, it was the perfect time to get into the … Read More ›

Customer Profile: Anguil Environmental Systems

­Gene Anguil made a promise to himself in college. As an­­­ engineering student, he vowed to be president of a company by the age of 40. He had become vice president of a firm at 39, but in 1978, Gene decided to fulfill his dream, and Anguil Environmental Systems was born.

Since then, the company has … Read More ›

Customer Profile: Chips Manufacturing

Before Jim Jett became president of Chips Manufacturing, Inc., in West Chicago, he had spent his entire career in manufacturing. As a salesman for several manufacturing companies in Chicago’s western suburbs, he knew the ins and outs of manufacturing precision component parts, establishing relationships with customers and more.

But Jett wanted something more. His dream was … Read More ›

Customer Profile: The Evanston Group

Kay and Michael Anderson, founders of The Evanston Group

When large pharmaceutical companies such as Abbott, Baxter, Hospira, and others face a complicated project such as launching a new drug, dealing with compliance issues, or expanding into new global markets, The Evanston Group is here to help.

The Evanston Group, headquartered at 1007 Church St. in … Read More ›

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