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Support for Families Struggling with Childhood Leukemia

I was constantly at his side. It was as if we had been thrown into the middle of a battlefield, completely unprepared. We felt like we had lost any chance of defense, while at the same time knew we had to fighting as hard as we could. My wife and I quickly realized how our focus … Read More ›

All Labor Has Dignity

The WE Program started with Hecky Powell and his Forrest E. Powell Foundation mission to honor all ambitious students in Evanston. For years, the FEP Foundation awarded scholarships to ETHS seniors who were heading off to career & tech opportunities after high school. Hecky and his board believed that students pursuing high paying, in-demand … Read More ›

Providing Pathways to a Fuller Life

The SEDOL Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that serves special needs children and young adults who are physically, mentally and emotionally disabled, and their families. Founded in 1991 by the Special Education District of Lake County (SEDOL), the Foundation is dedicated to helping these children, their parents and siblings with support and services that … Read More ›

A Community of Caring

Every day, Chicago Methodist Senior Services (CMSS) is committed to helping each person live and feel as well as possible through person-centered care and life-enriching programming.

CMSS is an aging services provider in the heart of Andersonville, and its roots can be traced all the way back to 1896. Today, it’s a thoroughly modern … Read More ›

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