Collections & Deposits

Simplify and speed up the process of collecting and managing your company’s incoming funds

Remote Capture

Our Remote Capture scanner gives our Business banking customers control of their deposits. Spend less time depositing checks and more time running your business. We install the device and its software in your home or office, then you total your checks, scan them, review your deposit and transmit them via your computer. We confirm the deposit via e-mail within minutes. You keep the checks and can print or save a copy of each deposit. It’s that simple. Learn more

Lockbox Services

For businesses with large deposit volume, speed the collection of customer payments and improve the availability of funds.

Payments are mailed to a secure P.O. Box for remittance processing and by 1:00pm CST your current day deposit can be accessed online. After the mail is received, payments are processed according to our customer's instructions and funds are deposited directly into the customer's checking account.

Depending on the customer's requirements, a file transmission, processed invoices, copies of checks, or other data is available for delivery. Delivery of this information is attained via a secure website where you can have multiple users and download images and reports.

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ACH Collections

Our customers have the ability to originate electronic collections easily and cost effectively through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. Dues, membership fees, subscriptions and payments are just some examples of how our customers utilize this service.

Files are created with either customer-owned software (NACHA, CSV, text) or directly on our website. We offer to come to your office to help setup your templates and train your employees.

Wire Transfer Services

Incoming wire transfers, both foreign and domestic, are posted upon receipt. There’s never a delay in funds availability. We never deduct fees from your wire transfers so what is posted to your account is what we have received. Through our Business Express online banking you can get real time Incoming wire transfer reports that detail all the information we have received from your originator plus an email alert notifying you that one has come in.

Cash Services

First Bank & Trust offers secure and reliable cash handling services. We can make your cash processing convenient, risk free, and efficient.

We customize our cash processes to meet your needs. If your business requires once a week, everyday cash pick up, or ‘on call’, we can accommodate you.

  • If your cash receivables are small and you prefer to do the counting, our armored carrier can just pick up and deposit at one of our many branch locations.
  • If your cash receivables are large and frequent, our armored carrier can pick up daily and deliver to our processing vault. Our vault counts and verifies your deposit that night. First Bank & Trust then deposits the cash into your account the next day.

Currently have a contract with a cash delivery company? No problem, we can accept any service and will work with your current provider to make sure your cash is delivered to us as safely and efficiently as possible.


  • Minimize risk with armored carrier
  • Convenient pick-up and delivery options
  • Receive signed confirmation receipts of pick up
  • Special pickups and orders available
  • Can accept currency, coin, and checks

Card Services

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