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Below are some of the commonly asked questions pertaining to banking with First Bank & Trust.
Online & Mobile Banking
Image Statements
Online & Mobile Banking

What can I do through FB&T’s Online Banking - FirstBank Express?

FirstBank Express, a FREE service to our customers, enables authorized users to view their account balances and account activity, make transfers between their accounts (either on a one time or recurring basis), and setup bill payment. Customers are able to obtain statements electronically, view images of paid checks, and set a variety of banking alerts. Take a Demo of our Online Banking.

How do I start Online Banking?

Just fill out an application, sign it and return it to any of our locations or scan it and send it directly to you banker as an email attachment. We caution customers to not list their account numbers, Social Security number or any other sensitive information when faxing or mailing their applications. Sending your information through a secure email attachment is the preferred method of delivery, besides hand delivering it in person at one of our branches. Please review our Online Banking Terms & Conditions.  Once we received your application, we will set you up on the FirstBank Express system and in 7-14 days you’ll receive 2 letters - one with your User ID and one with your password. You can then follow all your financial transactions on line.

Does First Bank & Trust have Mobile Banking?

We are now excited to be offering mobile banking to our FirstBank Express users. If you use our Internet Banking system AND have a smart phone, you have the capability of banking on the go by using your phone. You may get information by text, through your phone’s browser or with our Android or iPhone mobile App.

How do I sign up for Mobile Banking?

All you need to do is log into your FirstBank Express Online Banking account and click on Manage Mobile Banking Settings in the column on the left side of the page. Just enter your phone number and carrier, read and agree to the disclosure, and you’ll be given an activation number. At that time, your phone will ask for that activation number. Once you enter it, you’ll be taken to a menu page and can go directly to iTunes Store or the Android Marketplace. The apps are Free.

What if I start by installing the Mobile App?

If you install the app first, you’ll be requested to enter the activation code. You’ll have a choice of “I have one” or I need one”. If you’re at this page, you’ve probably seen that choice. Now, just log onto your FirstBank Express Online Banking account and click on Manage Mobile Banking Settings in the left column. You’ll need to enroll your phone, read and agree to the disclosure, and just follow the instructions. You’ll be given an activation code which should be entered on the phone. You’re now ready to start Mobile Banking.

With "Real Time," when is the cut off for current day transactions?

Any transactions after 8:00 pm Central Standard Time are recorded on the next business day.

What are the cut off times for wire transfers?

3:00 pm CST for International and 4:00 pm CST for domestic wire transfers.

Are there restrictions on the Passwords?

They have to be at least six (and no more than ten) alpha-numeric characters.

I forgot my password–what do I do?

Call Technical Support at 1-800-733-9970, will reset your password.

Can I add and/or remove accounts?

No. You will need to contact First Bank & Trust online or by phone at 1-847-733-7400.

Do we set up our own bill and/or employee?

Yes. But if you need help you can call First Bank & Trust Customer Support at 1-800-733-9970.

Is "Future Dating" of payments permitted?

Yes, for up to 364 days.

Can I have more than one account for bill payments?


A merchant claims they did not receive my online payment. To whom do I talk?

For consumers: call 1-866-403-6158 for help. For Business Banking user: Bill payments are handled directly through our online processor. Help can be obtained through Customer Support at 1-800-733-9970, option 2.

I am not getting a secure site indicator on my browser. Does that mean the site is not secure?

The browser you are using usually is not the latest update and is not capable of securing the site. You need to update your browser (this can be done online).

How do I change my User ID?

Once you sign on, go to the customer service tab and you should see "change user id" and go from there.

How do I change my password?

Once you sign on, go to the customer service tab and you should see "change password" and go from there

How do I change my email address?

Right on the accounts overview page on the top you can click on the old email and it will prompt you to change it.

How do I receive paperless statements?

Once you sign on, go to the customer service tab and click on "change statement delivery method" and go from there.

How do I change my Bill Pay's payees?

Once you sign on, go to the "make payments" tab and select the payee which you would like to make changes to whether  it's to "edit" or "delete."

How do I get notifications?

Once you sign on, go to the customer service tab, under "Contact Options" click on "Add an Alert" and then select the type of alert you need.

How do I enroll my mobile device and iPad?

Once you sign on, go to the customer service tab, click on "Manage Mobile Banking Settings" and follow the instructions provided.

How do I download the Mobile Banking app?

Go to our website, from your device's web browser and click on the search icon and type "Mobile Banking" click on "Mobile Banking" and select the correct service device and it will walk you through on how to download the app.

Why won't my Mobile Banking App let me log in?

First thing to look for is to make sure that your password has been updated. If not, it will not allow you to access your Mobile Banking and or iPad. You MUST change your password using our website.

How can I place a Stop Payment on Bill Pay?

If lost, contact Technical Support to place a stop payment and reissue. There is NO FEE for placing a stop payment on an item on Bill Pay.

Image Statements

What is check imaging?

First Bank & Trust scans the fronts and backs of your original checks into our computer system and permanently stores them. The scanned image becomes a permanent digital document, and can be reproduced at any time. It is a vast improvement over the traditional microfilm used to store your records at the bank, and even more secure. When monthly statements are prepared, our system will gather all of your new digitized checks for the month, organize them by check number, and neatly print them out on 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper for easy storage. These digital check print-outs will be included with your statement instead of your original paper checks.

What if I need to prove I paid for something?

No problem. Imaged checks are fully accepted by the IRS and in a court of law. We can even enlarge an imaged item for ease of signature and endorsement verification. In fact, due to quality and clarity, an imaged check is preferred over microfilm copies for proof of payment.

How will this benefit me as a customer?

With Image Statements, you will receive an array of benefits:

  1. Easier statement reconciliation. Your checks will be provided in numerical order. Beneath each check, clearly printed, will be the date the item was posted, the check number, and the amount of the check. These features make balancing your checkbook faster and easier than ever before.
  2. A ready-made filing system for you. Think about the advantages of having your statements and cancelled checks all together in one place and readily available for fingertip reference. No more overstuffed drawers, bulky envelopes or overflowing shoeboxes.
  3. Income tax preparation is easier. Imagine the convenience of having all your checking account records for the year neatly organized in check number order. This will certainly be a helpful feature for you and/or your tax preparer.
  4. Enhanced bank research capabilities. When you need information or copies of the front or back of any check, it can be made available almost immediately.
  5. Online access to imaged checks. Instead of just listing your transactions, our internet service will allow you to view your documents online ... so with the click of the mouse you can print out the front or back of any check, verify amounts, and so much more!

What will the bank do with all of the original paper checks?

After scanning your checks for permanent storage, we will keep them for up to 90 days before they are destroyed. All the information you need from your checking account will be permanently and safely stored and readily available when you need it.

Can I still write my checks the way I usually do?

Yes, however for the best quality digital image, please use blue or black ink, and avoid busy backgrounds on your checks.

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