Funds Management & Transfers

Make the most of your business’s money through transfer and sweep services

Online Transfers

Through our Business Express online banking you can transfer instantly from one account to another. You also can schedule a transfer for when you need it to cover funds. Plus be able to include a description of what the transfer was for as future reference.

Sweep Services

When there is no time to manage your accounts online, FB&T can automate fund managment services:

  • Zero Balance Sweeps: For transaction accounts, such as payroll or disbursement accounts, an automatic transfer can sweep funds from a designated account to prevent overdrafts. Businesses can manage funds better or invest excess funds from only one account instead of several.

  • Investment Sweeps: To best utilize excess funds, let automatic investment sweeps do the work. A peg balance can be determined for an operating account and excess funds can be swept to an interest bearing Money Market Account. Funds can also be invested in other instruments, including US Treasuries and Agency securities.

  • Credit Line Sweeps: For managing cash flow more efficiently, an automatic sweep between your Credit line and an operating account is available. When the operating account falls below a determined level the sweep will draw the need amount from the credit line. For excess funds the sweep will pay down your line, automatically.

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