Premium Business Account Alerts

Text Message (SMS) or Email Alerts to help your business stay up-to-date with all your banking and decrease the risk of fraud. 

Business Express Online Banking now has Premium Alerts, a FREE service that lets you use SMS Text Messages or Emails to monitor your account activity so that you're notified almost the moment an event occurs. With Premium Alerts, company users can choose to receive alerts through email and/or SMS text message to a mobile device. Users will have to opt-in to get alerts and specify which account alerts they will get messages on. Remember, because you don't have to be signed on to Business Express Online Banking to receive alerts, alerts provide an easy, effortless way to stay up-to-date with your company's account activity and other important events.

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Getting Started with Business Premium Alerts

To take advantage of alerts, go to Administration  >  Manage alerts and set up your alerts. If you have multiple accounts and not a lot of time to set up alerts, go to Administration > Manage alerts > Account Alerts and then click the Set Up Account Alerts link to set up an alert for multiple accounts at once.

FB&T Business Express Manage Alerts

Alert messages are displayed in Business eBanking Account Recon Positive Pay Advantage for 90 days, after which they are archived for three years. Alerts are not automatically deleted.

Types of Business Premium Alerts

There are many alerts available to help companies reduce the risk of fraud stay on top of account, transaction, and user activity. The Manage Alerts page provides a central area for company users to manage their alert subscriptions. It includes three main categories of alerts: Account Alerts, Non-account Alerts, and Custom Alerts.

Account Alerts

  • Balance and Activity
  • Transfer and Payment
  • Account Reconciliation & Positive Pay
  • Stop Payment
  • Statement and Document
  • Wire Transfer

Non-Account Alerts

Some examples of Non-Account Alerts include:

  • Account Closure Alert
  • ACH File Upload Alerts
  • E-mail Address Changed Alert
  • Help Alerts
  • File Import/Upload Alerts
  • New Balance Account Alert
  • Password Change Alerts

Custom Alerts are notifications that your company users define and are ideal for setting up reminder for something such as payroll. 

This product will help decrease the risk of fraud and ensure that you stay up-to-date with all your business banking accounts. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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