Probate Services

Whether you name us as executor, administrator, or guardian of your estate, our experts offer the personalized attention to ensure that your estate is settled according to your wishes without delay, unnecessary financial loss, or hardship to the beneficiaries.


The duty of an estate’s executor is to ensure that the directions in a will or trust are carried out according to your wishes. The process can be time-consuming and requires understanding of accounting, asset appraisal, asset management, probate law, estate tax, income tax and state transfer tax. First Bank & Trust’s Wealth Management experts will manage the assets that you entrust to us using our detailed knowledge of all current developments in tax law and estate law.

Estate Settlement

Estate settlement can be exhausting for your family, friends, and beneficiaries. Our team of investment managers and trust specialists will manage this process as executor or administrator, regardless of the estate’s complexity, to accurately and efficiently settle all matters for your beneficiaries.

Appointment of Guardianships

Court-supervised guardianships are needed to manage estates of persons who are unable to manage their estates themselves, including minors and adults who are found by a court to be unable to manage their financial affairs. Our Wealth Management team serves as the court-appointed guardian for these individuals, learns their individual needs, and ensures all matters are handled in accordance with prescribed laws.

Court Appointments Fee Guidelines

Please contact one of our Wealth Management professionals for more information regarding court appointment services.

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