Safe Deposit Boxes

Securly Store Your Valuables and Get Peace of Mind

We understand that there are some things money can’t replace. From house deeds to family jewelry, FB&T Safe Deposit Boxes* help keep your most important items from getting lost, damaged, destroyed or stolen. Our safe deposit boxes are available for FB&T deposit account holders in a variety of sizes and are competitively priced to help you secure your possessions.

Our safe deposit vaults are secured by strict controlled access. Only individuals identified as authorized signers on your Safe Deposit Box Agreement are permitted to access the box.

Safe Deposit Boxes Locations:

Safe Deposit Box Fees

Box Size (Inches)Annual Rate
3 x 5 x 21 $20.00
5 x 5 x 21 $35.00
3 x 10 x 21 $45.00
5 x 10 x 21 $65.00
10 x 10 x 21 $120.00
  • Lost Key: $40.00
  • Drill Box: $150.00
  • Late Payment After 30 Days: $5.00 Per month

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*Safe deposit box contents are: Not a Deposit; Not FDIC Insured; Not Insured by any Federal Government Agency; Not Guaranteed by the Bank or an Affiliate of the Bank.