Statement & Passbook Savings Accounts

Easy Access

Whether you want your banking transactions recorded in a passbook or monthly statements sent to your home or electronically, our interest bearing traditional savings accounts offer easy access to your money.

  • No minimum amount to open an account
  • No Monthly Fee if daily balance is $200 or more. Otherwise, $6 per quarter.
  • 6 Free withdrawals per month then $1.00 each. Maximum of 6 convenient withdrawals per month.*
  • Variable interest rate paid on daily balance
  • Online Banking and Mobile Banking
  • ATM Card for Statement Accounts
  • Bank-by-Phone

*The Federal Reserve limits convenient monthly withdrawal transactions to 6 for accounts that are classified as Savings Accounts. There are unlimited withdrawals in-person, in-bank. Please view the Federal Reserve’s rule known as Regulation D for more information

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