Trust Services

Provide financial security for your beneficiaries with an investment managed trust account

First Bank & Trust has the experience and expertise to handle the complexity of fiduciary and investment decisions, with proper attention to individual needs and requirements as well as beneficiary requests.

We will:

  • Provide continuity of financial support to loved ones as directed under your trust agreement
  • Prepare an investment strategy to meet your objectives
  • Take responsibility for the management of your portfolio and the administration of your assets
  • Send you regular account statements
  • Have periodic face-to-face meetings to review your situation in light of current market conditions
  • Oversee the management of non-financial assets, including real estate
  • Make all discretionary decisions as provided in your trust agreement
  • Provide all estate settlement services set forth in your trust agreement
  • Pay all estate settlement expenses as may be provided in the trust agreement

Advantages of Trusts —Protection for you and your family

In addition to assuring that your property will pass the way you want, trusts provide assistance and protection to your beneficiaries.

Tax Savings

A trust plan can also mean substantial savings in taxes for your family. Assets placed in a properly drafted trust may avoid taxation.

Investment Management & Safekeeping

First Bank & Trust will relieve you or your beneficiaries of the day-to-day management and administration of your assets.

Exercise Discretion

As provided under the Trust Agreement, we will make key decisions as to when and how funds may be distributed to your names beneficiaries.

Types of Trusts

Personal Trust Account Fee Guidelines

Please contact one of our Wealth Management professionals for more information regarding personal trust account management fees.

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